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Beijing Environment Company Limited

Beijing Environment Company Limited was established in June 2007. Its predecessor was Beijing Environmental Sanitation Protection Investment Company Limited., and on February 5, 2016, it was officially renamed as “Beijing Environment Company Limited.” (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Environment”or the “company”). Beijing Environment is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing State Environmental Protection Engineering Group Company Limited. ("Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group"), a state-owned sole proprietorship of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing. It is the operating platform company of Beijing Sanitation Group.

The Beijing environment has led four road cleaning revolutions and five public toilet revolutions in the field of environmental sanitation, and formulated 19 national and local sanitation standards. The company put forward the solution to urban management with the philosophy of “highest requirements capital's standard”. The Model of environmental issues, using the “big sanitation, full coverage, and integration” service system, has created a shortcut for creating high-quality public life, and has packaged a solution to the environmental management problems faced by city managers.